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Terence Penister

My name is Terence Penister. I am a Lover of Photography! I am a product of the amazing Art Institute of Minnesota and the New York Institute of Photography.

I owe the hugest debt of gratitude to God for blessing me with creativity and an eye for capturing the true heart and soul of my subjects. Matters not who they are, what they look like or what they have dealt with before they get here, I will bring out the very best!

                                                   I capture love.

I specialize in capturing generations. What is more precious than to see three or more generations in one setting? This presents a memory that will outlive many of our loved ones. The preservation of family love is priceless.

My base of work is in the heartwarming state of Minnesota. I will travel for your special occasion.

I am flexible. My office hours can be tailored around your office hours. All appointments receive my full attention.

My lifelong fascination with composition and lighting have led me on this journey of perfecting my craft. I want to be ranked among the best in the field. I believe images speak volumes to the soul.

One of my favorite venues to capture loved ones in is a setting with lots of natural lighting. The light of the sun often adds a glow of radiance to the smiles of those being captured. However, I will bring out your best in the setting of your choosing. My open and airy studio has several backdrops, or we can use the backdrops of nature to capture your special moment.

Let’s meet for coffee and talk about your special memory. Mojo’s coffee shop  is conveniently located downstairs from my studio. I look forward to captivating you!!!